Our Location

We are situated in Ili Sur, San Juan La Union. The nearest beach is 300 meters by foot, while the thriving surf town community of Urbiztondo is an easy 2 kilometer drive. 

Travel time from Manila would be around 4.5 to 5 hours depending on the the traffic. We're also roughly 2.5 hours away from Baguio and Ilocos Sur. 

If you're traveling via public commute, try booking a bus online.

For a more accurate reference, find us in google maps . 

Our Family Villas

The word Aginana means to rest in the local dialect Ilocano. So the whole idea behind the property design and villa layout is to bring rest to all our guests. Each of the 2-storey villa has the master's bedroom and the living room at the ground floor. While the whole of the 45 square meter second floor is one big bedroom with 2 queen beds and a balcony. Each floor has their own toilet and bath. Both villas have their own outdoor patio overlooking the garden and pool. 

For more information, inclusions and house rules on our villas, click here.

Our Restaurant

Though we do not have a kitchen in the villas, we are confident that our very own Manna Kitchen Restaurant is more than able to fill your hunger. The coffee is not just the usual run-of-the-mill hotel coffee, but curated to ensure that it is at par with the local coffee shops and roasters. Though there is a wide selection of pastas, rolls and sandwiches, rice meals, and breakfast items, the presence of repeat customers tell us that the kitchen is doing something right.  

For more of their offerings and schedule, kindly check out Manna Kitchen. Please note that food and drinks from outside establishments, brought inside the property will be charged accordingly.