Hi thank you for wanting to book with us. Pls take time to go thru our house rules:

To maintain exclusivity, privacy and security of checked in guests, friends/family who are not checked in but wish to stay the Aginana premises (i.e. villa, patio, lawn, and pool) will be required to secure a day pass at the cashier.

- The day pass (P500/per person) includes complimentary non-alcoholic drink from Manna Kitchen Bar. Day pass is only issued upon endorsement of checked in guests. Day pass guests can stay in Aginana premises from 8am - 5:30pm.

With respect to our in-house restaurant, Manna Kitchen, food and drinks from outside establishments (including personal coolers stacked with drinks) that are brought in and consumed in the Aginana premises shall be charged a food fee (P200 per 100 grams)

- Our in house restaurant Manna Kitchen has a wide selection of food and drinks. We are confident that Manna Kitchen's offerings will able your needs.

No pets allowed in Aginana premises, but are welcome in Manna Kitchen.

- As much as we love having our fur babies around, sadly, we made a hard decision not to allow pets in the property. We have a frenchie and a golden retriever of our own, and they do well with guests. But we also recognize some guests, don’t like the fact the my frenchie would nag them to play. Or won’t appreciate the jumpy demeanor of our golden retriever. However, there are nearby places that can host the pets, like Tail Tales, or Elyu Veterinary Clinic

Parties and late-night loud noises are prohibited. Maintain a peaceful and restful environment for all.

- We are a family friendly bed and breakfast accommodations. We expect senior citizens and babies within the premises. Loud music is highly discouraged, to maintain a restful (aginana) experience for all guests, including our neighbors. Be mindful of noise levels lest they be intrusive. Our Aginana staff to are to gently remind guests of this house rule, so we ask that you cooperate and not be offended upon reminder.

Plant care.

- Please do not pick the flowers and plants, within the premises. It took a significant time and effort to water and care for them.

No smoking / vaping / herbal hallucinatory activities / or any form of the like.

- We are a family and baby-friendly accommodation. It is of high importance that our guests can stay knowing their loved ones won’t inhale anything that would compromise their health.

Kids below 7 stay for free provided no extra bed set up is requested.

- If additional bed is requested, standard extra person charges apply.

**Kindly note that violation of house rules will result to partial/full forfeiture of security deposit .